We believe that learning extends beyond the four walls of a classroom, which is why STI is dedicated to take you on diverse and unique learning journeys that help shape and broaden your worldview, as well as allow you to understand more of the dynamic and everchanging world we live in.


Why choose Study Trust International?


The world is your classroom

We are always on the lookout for interesting and unique ways to share the world with you. With a global reach across multiple continents, we provide opportunities for you to venture out and learn beyond your own four walls.


Experience, Practice, Reflect

To fulfil an enriching study tour, we place strong emphasis on the above three core developmental values and curate our tour packages accordingly. Our goal is to offer one that evokes novelty, has room for practical activities, and offer food for thought for you to reflect upon.



Our destinations span across the globe into numerous countries, allowing you to explore and understand cultures that are vastly unique to one another. You will definitely have new insights to take home at the end of every tour.


New and Unique Experiences

Our services include organising exciting and enriching activities in various countries that not only seek to promote bonding through team work and friendly competitions, but also aim to be meaningful as you glean into their history and background.


Quality Assurance

Our programmes are thoughtfully sourced and designed to achieve maximal learning for students, while keeping their safety and wellbeing paramount. We will also provide feedback and keep parents in the loop of their child’s learning.

Study Tour Destinations